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City Consolidation/Merger Scare Tactic


This is an old time political scare tactic.  In going through, old campaign ads that have been collected throughout Ruth Ann’s career this tactic can be documented as used in Ypsilanti Township political campaigns since the mid 1970s possibly even earlier.  The big bold print on these ads from the mid 70s say “Stop Consolidation”, “No Consolidation”, and “We have been set on a Course of Consolidation”.  In fact remember, the HUGE red and white signs that showed up at the polls on Election Day in 2004 stating NO, NO, NO.  The residents did not fall for it in 2004 and they need to continue to be skeptical of this ploy in 2008.


Many residents showed up at the polls explaining that they have voted for Ruth Ann for years and they knew that this was just politics and lies not based in truth.  These residents used their voting power to say NO, NO, No, to politicians that use lies and scare tactics to garner support and cast their votes for Ruth Ann Jamnick and other candidates who do not stoop to preying on fears and misleading residents.  What evidence is present in the past 32 years of Ruth Ann Jamnick’s distinguished career that this tactic is based in truth?


Voter Beware

Ask yourself these questions:

      Why is a politician or team focusing on fear instead of real current issues?

      Why is this scare tactic only being used in some precincts and not others?  If it is a true concern why not discuss it out in the open where all residents can weigh in on the validity of this tactic? 

      When a politician spends a lot of time focused on what an opponent might do what are they NOT telling you about what they have done and will do in the future?


Get the facts – Consolidation and mergers are not created by individuals.  There is a process that includes the voters.


Ruth Ann Jamnick knows that she serves the best interests of the community that she has been elected to lead.  Voters have known this for 32 years.  Ruth Ann’s decisions are made based on quality information from a variety of sources including residents.  She is a leader who leads based on information, data, and facts rather than emotions.


Ruth Ann was quoted as recently as May 29, 2008 on this issue when she said


 "While the two communities should remain separate, they can work together", Jamnick said. "To be economically vibrant, we don't have to merge."


Ruth Ann Jamnick understands that Ypsilanti Township and the City of Ypsilanti are connected geographically and this fact will not change.  The question then becomes in what way can these two connected communities have a positive impact on each other?


The next time a politician uses this scare tactic on you try and ask them this question:


      In what ways will you insure through your leadership that Ypsilanti Township and the City of Ypsilanti impact each other positively?

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